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Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot

The construction of the Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot began in 1998 as part of the efforts to obtain Puerto Rico's headquarters for the Olympics to be held in 2004. The Coliseo has an area of ​​5.36 acres and is embedded on an 11.03 acre property. These measures include the landscape design created to balance the development of the exterior with the architectural elements of the building. This allows the recreational use of the outer areas of the Coliseo, making Hato Rey a more attractive sector. The construction of the Coliseo required a total investment of $ 252.6 million. It was inaugurated by the then Honorable Governor Sila María Calderón on August 28, 2004 and was opened to the public on September 4, with the salsa event called El Primero which included the participation of Roberto Rohena, La Sonora Ponceña and Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz. The maximum capacity of the Coliseo is 18,000 people with the ability to adjust capabilities to events of only 2,000 people.

In the first 12 years, the Colosseum has hosted 938 events and received approximately 6.7 million people.

How is the name of José Miguel Agrelot assigned to the Coliseo?

The name was assigned in 2004 under approval in concurrence of both the Chamber and the Senate of Puerto Rico. Since José Miguel Agrelot was a comedian well accepted by the people of Puerto Rico and was not related to any political party, both legislative bodies decided to use his name. Other names that had been mentioned were Chayanne, Tito Trinidad and Raul Julia.

Who is José Miguel Agrelot?

José Miguel Agrelot, was one of the most recognized comedians, animators of television and radio of Puerto Rico. He was born on April 21, 1927 and his real name is Guisseppe Michel Agrelot in honor of the Italian nationality of his grandmother. He is known under the nickname "Don Cholito" for his most famous character he performed in the show "Encabuya, Vuelve y Tira". He worked in radio stations since he was 14 years old, where he began with his character "Torito Fuertes" in "El Colegio de la Alegria" (which was later taken to television), a character that led him to tour the United States. He obtained a bachelor's degree in Political Science and Economics from the University of Puerto Rico. Among the television programs where José Miguel Agrelot participated are: “Profesor Colgate”, “La Criada Malcriada”, who was also taken to the movies, “El Especial de Corona”, “Desafiando a Los Genios”, “Haciendo Historia”, “El Show Del Mediodía”, “Parece Increíble”, “Ja ja, Ji ji, Jo jo, Con Agrelot “ y “Encabuya, vuelve y tira”.

Among the most famous characters of José Miguel Agrelot in addition to Torito Fuertes and Don Cholito are: Don Rodríguez and Rodríguez, Profesor Pulula, "Speedy" González, Juan Macana, Soldado Manteca, Doña Pasión and Serafín Sin Fin.

In 2003, José Miguel Agrelot entered the book of Record Guinnes with his program Mi Alegre Despertar to become the longest running radio show after 53 years on the air.

José Miguel Agrelot died on January 28, 2004.


Did you know…

  • The Coliseo has an indoor basketball court and ice rink, which meet NBA and NHL specifications respectively.

  • Seven (7) gallons of multi-purpose detergent is used to clean the restrooms at the Coliseo.

  • At the Coliseo there are 118 trash cans: 26 at the Upper Level; 42 at the Main Level; 10 in the court; 29 outside and 11 for recyclable materials.

  • In a full house event, 12 boxes of trash bags are used, the equivalent of 240 pounds in plastic.

  • After an event, a total of 18 people work for a period of six hours to clean up the Coliseo.

  • In a show, about 120 panels of 125lbs each are mounted on the stage, for a total weight of 15,000 pounds, equivalent to the weight of a school bus.

  • The 18 scaffolds that are used on the stage have a weight of 10,620 pounds, just as the weight of 5 Fiat 500 cars approximately.

  • An event accommodates approximately 1,380 chairs weighing 30,000 pounds, equal to 3 UPS trucks.

  • The combined weight of the stage, scaffolding, chairs and barricades in an event is 25 tons, equivalent to 4 male African elephants.

  • In the Coliseo we have approximately 14,000 light bulbs, from the smallest on the signs to the largest ones that lit the arena.
  • The longest-running concert in the Coliseo lasted five hours and the shortest 49 minutes.
  • The Coliseo can be configured in at least six different forms with capacities from 2,400 to 18,000 people:
    - Theater; ¼ House; Half of House; ¾ of House, End Stage, Center Stage
  • Coliseo employees approximately 300 to 500 people per event.
  • The food item that sells the most at the Coliseo are nachos, about 27,000 orders a year, 300 pounds per event.
  • The most popular drink item in the Coliseo is the Medalla beer. Approximately 141,124 cans are sold in a year or 11,000 gallons of beer and this is equivalent to 18 cisterns for houses.
  • 50,000 cubic yards of concrete were used in the construction of the Coliseo. This is enough concrete to build a neighborhood of 300 housing units or two sidewalks that total 200 miles, one that goes from Fajardo to Mayagüez and another one that comes back.
  • 4,600 tons of reinforcement steel and 2,480 tons of structural steel were used in the Coliseo, for a total of 7,080 tons of steel, enough to build approximately 5,000 compact cars.
  • A total of 1,675,000 linear feet of electric wire were installed in the Coliseo. The same as 318 miles of wire, this is enough to surround Puerto Rico along its coast.
  • 718,000 square feet of gypsum board, 128,000 cement blocks, 287,600 cobblestones, 28,000 square feet of glass and 8,450 lamps of all kinds, were all used for the construction of the building.
  • The system for creating the ice rink contains 51,200 linear feet or 9.7 miles of piping for the liquid gas to be transported through them.


Event Records

  1. Disney on Ice
    Event with the record for most presentations and greater attendance since the opening of the Coliseo with 101 functions and 481,000 people.
  2. Wisin & Yandel
    Artists with the record of highest income, more quantity of presentations and greater attendance, in concerts, since the opening of the Coliseo.
  3. Ednita Nazario
    Only female artist to keep a record of presentations and attendance at the Coliseo.
  4. WWE
    Event with record of greater attendance in events of sport entertainment.
  5. Ricky Martin
    Artist with the second record of the greatest number of presentations, increased attendance and greater income in ticket sales since the opening of the Coliseo.
  6. Metallica
    Record of greater attendance in a single concert with Center Stage configuration since the opening of the Coliseo.
  7. Bruno Mars
    Record of attendance in a single concert with End Stage.
  8. Marc Anthony
    Second highest attendance record in a single concert with Center Stage since the opening of the Coliseo.

  9. Usher
    First event to be broadcast live internationally via Showtime.

  10. Marcos Witt
    First Christian music event held at the Coliseo.

  11. Aventura
    The fastest selling event with the most attendance at a series of concerts at the Coliseo.

  12. René González
    First Puerto Rican Christian singer to perform alone on the stage of the Coliseo.

  13. Cangrejeros de Santurce
    Record of greater attendance in a sporting event since the opening of the Coliseo.

  14. Cirque Du Soleil
    First time to perform in Puerto Rico and establish the second record of attendance and sale of tickets in a single series of events.

  15. NBA Heat vs Pistons
    First NBA game to be held in Puerto Rico.

  16. Night of Revenge
    First Boxing Event to be held at the Coliseo.

  17. Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz, La Sonora Ponceña, Roberto Rohena “El Primero”
    Event that inaugurated and opened the doors of the Coliseo to the public.