ADA Information

What is ADA?

ADA is a federal law of civil rights protection designed to prevent discrimination and enable individuals with disabilities to participate fully in all aspects of our society.

The Law for People with Disabilities (ADA) requires that new facilities are accessible to people with disabilities in such a way that they, their family and friends can enjoy equal access to entertainment, recreation and leisure activities.

The Coliseo de Puerto Rico is a facility that complies with ADA:

  • The staff of SMG, operator of the Coliseo is trained by the Attorney’s Office for Persons with Disabilities.
  • The arena provides seats accessible to visitors with disabilities at all levels of the building, in designated areas in which may have up to three companions. When you are buying tickets, please mention that you need accessible seating in the reserved area for visitors with disabilities so we can properly assist you.
  • All entries to the level of the arena (Arena Level) are accessible via ramps approved by the ADA.
  • Visitors with disabilities will have the option to enter the Coliseo through elevators. The Coliseo de Puerto Rico has four elevators in its entirety, two located in the main entrance, one on the East side of the building and one on the South area.
  • The Coliseo de Puerto Rico offers 42 public restrooms around the building, all accessible to people with disabilities. In addition, we have four restrooms exclusively for visitors with disabilities located in the sections 102-103 and 112-113.
  • We have 42 parking for visitors with disabilities. Only vehicles duly identified and with the parking permit issued by the Department of Transportation and Public Works of Puerto Rico will be allowed access to these parking.
  • There are 38 concessions distributed through the building and all rooms are equipped with a counter of 34 inches to make them more accessible
  • Tickets for Visitors with disabilities can be purchased at Coliseo Box Office Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm, and at Ticketpop Outlets which include WALMART stores in the area of Money Center, and participant AMIGO supermarkets in the area of Service Desk.

According to Law 107 of July 3, 1998 of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, people with disabilities must present the Person with Disabilities Identification card issued by the Department of Health of Puerto Rico, at the time of the purchase. The parking permit issued by the Department of Transportation and Public Works will not be valid as an identification to purchase tickets with the discount granted for people with disabilities according to Law.

The day of the event, people with disabilities must present the person with disabilities identification card issued by the Department of Health of Puerto Rico in addition to the event ticket in order to gain access to the building.

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